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Notes on Today’s Worship Service

Welcome to worship. We’re glad you’ve gathered with the International Protestant Church of Zurich to seek God’s face.

If you’re participating in a live service, here are some things to help enrich your experience. If you’re worshiping on your own, most of this can be ignored.

Guests: you are very welcome! At the end of the service, we’ll take a few minutes to meet you. All you need to do is un-mute yourself and say hello. Tell us your name, and where you are from.

How the service works. You may use this online order of worship, but it is not absolutely necessary if you are participating using Zoom. We will share music and slides with the lyrics via Zoom. Audio and video is provided here in the Order of Worship, but you should not play these files during the live service; we will play them and share them with you through Zoom. (You can enjoy them later on your own if you’d like.)

Headphones. If possible, wear a pair of headphones or earbuds that have a built-in microphone (as most do these days). This will improve your listening experience and will help eliminate feedback. If you’re “attending” with others in the room, consider using a quality external speaker.

Muting. Awkward as it is, our “usher” will keep everyone muted for most of the service. This will keep us from experiencing accidental distractions like noise and feedback.

Forward to “Gathering in God’s Presence”